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It is our mission to create efficient operations, sustainable compliance, and vibrant ecosystems.

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Supporting the waste management industry by providing automating technology that efficiently enforces transparency, tracking, controls and analytics across the entire network of parties.

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Empowering financial institutions to automate stringent compliance requirements for high risk and cash intensive industries, by providing a B2B payment framework and controls that make every transaction explainable.

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A Modular Platform

Security and traceability by design.

Comprised of interchangeable components that cater to the diversity of the regulatory frameworks and industries we serve.


Our founding entrepreneurs are an experienced team with a diverse background and successful history together.

Mark Lozzi, CEO

An experienced entrepreneur and investor with a deep understanding and history of finance, PropTech and RegTech. Led strategy and the commercialization of technology into supply chain management for OutsideIQ, including a global partnership with Ariba. Notable exits to Apple and Exiger. Mark holds an MBA from San Diego State University.

Dan Adamson, CTO

A RegTech veteran who founded OutsideIQ, and produced AI-based AML technology deployed globally at many of the world’s largest financial institutions. Graduated from McGill and UC Berkeley. Successful companies sold to Microsoft and Exiger, and several patents focused on AI and search algorithms.

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