Enabling digital payments and supports banking and compliance for B2B transactions



Financial institutions face a huge burden regulators are placing on doing business with high risk industries. As a result, banks are over worked and high-risk industries are left with minimal banking options, amplifying the risks and hurdles they face. By enabling payments through a highly compliant and auditable platform, financial institutions can create low cost frameworks to efficiently and safely serve these industries.

PointTrust helps financial institutions:
  • minimize compliance costs to increase the size of serviceable markets
  • enable strict smart contracting rules that prevents high risk transactions
  • deploy AML technology that supports evolving requirements
  • fully capture total deposit potential
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    Operating companies deemed high risk businesses and/or cash intensive businesses are burdened by the system; not able to get a bank account and/or required to provide exhaustive proof and detail for every transaction. By providing access to a compliant-driven payment platform, business can now transact in a B2B environment easily and cost efficiently, while having compliance reporting automated.

    PointTrust helps businesses:
  • get access to banking services
  • prevent the risks and inconvenience of holding and paying in cash
  • make and receive electronic payments
  • minimize manual reporting requirements, letting you focus on your business
  • Multi-party validation
    Multi-party validation and user management
    Interactive web and mobile dashboard
    Interactive web and mobile dashboard
    Audit friendly reporting
    Audit-friendly reporting and reconciliation
    Data storage
    Data storage and document management
    Predictive analytics and anomaly detection
    Predictive analytics and anomaly detection
    Smart payment and procurement
    Smart payment and procurement
    Workflow and task management tools
    Workflow and task management tools
    Flexible architecture and integrations
    Flexible architecture and integrations

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